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The New Hive BEE is here!  

Welcome to the Hive: Plasma Lighting is Here!

Hive’s products are engineered to be durable, lightweight and foolproof. They use 50% to 90% less energy than conventional studio fixtures. Their simple, rugged design makes them suitable for all types of production, whether on stages, studios or at remote locations. Each light is proudly Made in Los Angeles. All of Hive’s lamps use a single point Plasma source that lasts 10,000+ hours, are flicker-free, universal orientation, and produce full, even spectrum daylight balanced light with a CRI of 94. At Hive, light comes first, so you can save energy without sacrificing light output or color quality.


Long Lamp LifetimeLong Lamp Lifetime

Hive’s Plasma lamps are rated up to 30,000 hours, but to preserve output and color quality we recommend replacing bulbs after 10,000 hours. Our sealed quartz bulbs have no electrodes or filaments, which allows them to last 30X+ longer than conventional lamps.

Energy EfficientEnergy Efficient

Hive’s lights are 2X to 8X more energy efficient than Tungsten and HMI fixtures.  Hive’s proprietary optics maximize the already efficient Plasma sources, generating more footcandles per watt

Flicker FreeFlicker Free

Hive’s lights are completely flicker-free up to millions of frames per second at any frame rate or shutter angle. Operating at 450 million hertz, we’re still waiting for high-speed cameras to catch up.

High Quality LightHigh Quality Light

Hive’s lights generate daylight-balanced, full spectrum light with a CRI of 94.  Hive’s single point Plasma source creates clean crisp shadows and realistic looking daylight with all the familiar advantages of traditional studio fixtures, but without the drawbacks.



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